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Reliable builders and decorators trusted by architects and interior designers

Time is the ultimate judge of the quality of our building work. Architects and interior designers ask us to bring their plan to life because we ensure their ideas will endure and contribute to the aesthetics of a fine living environment.

The results of our expert craftsmanship can be seen in many prestigious homes and listed buildings in Kensington, Chelsea, Fulham, Hammersmith and Wandsworth.

Our portfolio of projects includes:

  • renovating exteriors to return a building to its former glory or to give it a contemporary makeover
  • refurbishing interiors to bring an elegant ambience to a contemporary lifestyle
  • building extensions over, under or to the side of the house that not only makes better use of the property and adds to the value out of all proportion to the cost

Our secret of excellence lies in preparation. This applies equally to laying solid foundations for a wall, providing rock solid support when a load-bearing wall is removed or decorating over a well-prepared base. These are things you do not see but are the hallmark of a master builder.

A sound logistical approach enables us to predict the materials we need thereby cutting down the time taken to complete the project. This, of course, impacts on cost. Skilled artisans mean money (and we use no one but the best). So by sound management, we finish the job faster without compromising the excellence of our work. This means we render excellent value for money and offer really competitive quotations.