In today’s kitchens, functionality is as important as their good looks

In older residential houses, the kitchen was kept out of sight in another room. Today it is very much a part of the living space. There is a seemless transition from a work area to a rest or entertainment area. So kitchens have to be beautiful, ergonomic but, above all, fully functional.

There are many places you can buy prefabricated units, some of very good quality, but the discerning resident may require a bespoke kitchen built to a unique design. We can help either way.

Our skilled team of carpenters and joiners, fully registered electricians and plumbers will assemble or build the kitchen of your dreams. We will advise and plan it for you incorporating some innovative ideas for saving space. We will source the products, install them and build around them so you have a perfectly fitted kitchen that works for you not only today for in the years to come.

Here are examples of some kitchens we have built: