Cupboards and cabinets that blend harmoniously with your décor

Cupboards are the essential feature of any home but where do you put them? Getting it right is a matter of intelligence and ingenuity. Whether it’s a kitchen cabinet or a built-in cupboard for the bedroom, we can create a bespoke solution or assemble prefabricated units. Whichever you choose the finished result will be perfect.

We, at Dekor Homes, will design and build any space you want for storage. A walk-in cupboard or a handsome fitted cabinet that meets all your needs. Our carpenters and joiners will build it meticulously while our expert electricians will add the discrete lighting to add convenience to the chic of good design .

The cupboard doors are a matter of choice, sliding, hinged, concertina or even the roller style. You can add the mirrors, as large as you like, inside, out or both as preferred. We work well with interior designers … or we can design the cupboard for you.

Here are some cupboards we have built: